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A Long Expected Contest

A contest for all Tolkien fanatics

ALEC - A Long Expected Contest
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Tolkien fanfiction contest
A Long Expected Contest
Rev 8/26/08

This contest will start in a Yahoo group and on a Live Journal page. Depending on how successful it is, we hope to create a webpage in the future.

This is a drama-free group. Let’s act like adults, even if you aren’t. This is not the place to air your wanks with other people or groups. If you can’t get along someone and ignore them, perhaps this is too much social interaction for you and you should rethink why you’re here. We’re here to write and read good fan fiction and have fun.

This group has both slash, het and general writers so please do not make derogatory comments about any genre of writing. See note on bottom!

If you have come here to find stories to spork, flame, or MST, you’re in the wrong place. Use respect when dealing with each other and conduct yourself appropriately. You will be banned if you cannot follow the rules. If you have any problems with others, please bring it to the attention of a mod.


~ Each month a new topic/prompt/challenge will be posted in the Yahoo group and on the LJ on the first day of the month.

~ Writers have until the final day of the month to write a fiction in response to the topic/challenge. The deadline will be posted with the topic and we will post reminders as well.

~ The story cannot be a WIP and must be less than 10,000 words unless part of the challenge/topic is the length, then those rules would apply.

~ The three categories of the contest are Slash, Het, and General.
≈ Slash includes any same sex pairing even if there is not explicit sex.
≈ Het includes any het romance/pairing even if there isn’t explicit sex.
≈ General would be anything that has no romantic pairings that pertain to the story.
≈ If there are both Het and Slash pairings in the story then you will need to decide which pairing is the primary pairing, then base your category on that. However if you put anything in Het that has Slash content, there needs to be a strong warning and vice versa for Slash with Het content. If the main pairing is the only Het couple while everyone else is slash – you might want to put it in slash anyway (and vice versa of course) since that is the most likely audience.
≈ If the pairing is canon and isn’t a romance or part of the main story, it can still be general.
≡ For example a story about the birth of Maedhros that mentions the marriage of Feanor and Nerdanel can be marked as General since the focus isn’t the romance of Feanor and Nerdanel.

~ Writers can write a story in more than one category but can only submit one story per category.

~ Stories can be rated up to NC17 but must have all warnings clearly marked.

~ Writers can have a beta, but the beta cannot tell anyone whose story it is.

~ At the end of the 4 weeks, the stories need to be sent to the Challenge Mod at alec_votecoordinator@yahoo.com

~ The story should have the following header:
Beta (if any):
Category: (Gen, Slash, Het)
Rating: (G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17)
Age: (Pre-First Age, Second Age, Third Age, Fourth Age and Beyond)
Pairings/Characters: (you can put 'mystery character', if needed)
Warnings: See below
Summary (optional):
The header will be posted with the story minus the beta and writers name.

Warnings should be provided for:
≈ Non-Consensual Sexual Situations/Rape
≈ Torture
≈ Graphic Violence
≈ Character Death
≈ Graphic sex
≈ Incest
≈ Anything that you believe might be objectionable or bothersome to some readers or that you feel readers need to know before choosing to read your story.

~ The contest organizers have arbitrarily decreed some works not suitable for this contest. Therefore, we will not accept entries containing:
≈ MSTs
≈ RPF – Real Person Fiction
≈ Bestiality
≈ Underage or child-based sexual relationships with adults, including child molestation

~ Writers cannot post the story anywhere else or let anyone know which story theirs is until after voting is over. If we have reports of this rule being broken, the author’s story will be removed from the contest completely.

~ The stories will be posted anonymously by the Mod within 2 days of the end of the writing period and then the voting period will begin.


~ Voting will last 3 weeks.

~ Voters will be allowed to score four fictions in each category (General, Slash, and Het) with 15 points, 10 points, 5 points, and 1 point. 15 points is, of course, the story they consider the best, 10 points is the second best, 5 points is third and 1 point is something they think deserves an honorable mention.

~ NO FLAMES ALLOWED. Anyone who flames will be banned from voting. The mod has final say on whether it is a flame or not.

~ Voters don’t have to vote in all categories. If someone doesn’t like Slash or smut, they can vote in General without voting in the other two. Or if they only want to vote in two, they can do that as well. If a voter doesn’t feel like there aren’t 4 stories worth recognizing, they don’t have to use all their points either.

~ You cannot vote for yourself.

~ Before the end of the voting period, each person must send an email to the Vote Coordinator at alec_votecoordinator@yahoo.com that is a list of the story titles with the scores for each.

~ Within two days after voting is closed, the winners will be announced and banners given to the winners.


~ Each month a First, Second, and Third banner will be given out in each category (General, Slash, and Het). Ties will be rewarded accordingly. If there are enough points for a fourth story, there will be an Honorable Mention story banner given out.

~ Each year, awards will also be given out for Most Accomplished Authors in each category – First, Second, and Third – for the authors who have participated in the most challenges. (For 2008, there may only be a First place given on this since we only have a few months left) Awards will also be given out at the end of the year to all writers who contributed a story every month.

~ Voters who vote each and every month in at least one category will receive a banner for their support. Voters who vote in all categories each month will also receive a banner.

Any questions, please post them on the yahoo group or send to Alassante or one of the co-mods.


Challenge Mod - Alassante – alassante
Co-mod - Viv – spacellama

Thanks to spacellama for our awesome artwork!!!

NOTE: Het vs. Slash, Angst Vs. Romance, Canon Vs. AU

I'm trying to do something with this contest that could blow up if tensions get out of wack about things so I wanted to post this pre-contest.

The point of this contest was to bring together all genres of the fandom for a contest that had all ratings and is based on anonymous entries. The contest was inspired by Teitho from the Aragorn Angst group. However they have limitations as to character, rating, and genre. Thanks to Michele from Teitho, I was able to remodel that contest and ta-da - we have a new one!

One big thing that needs to be consistent in this group is no drama. The best way we can keep the drama out of it is to remember that some writing that you might find squicky might be something someone out there writes. We're not asking you to read it or judge it. We're asking you to basically ignore it. If the warnings and pairings are clearly something you would be offended by - do not read it. And if you do, don't flame it or make negative comments about it. We each have our own thoughts about how we feel about smut, slash, femslash, angst, au, romance, canon, etc etc etc etc. Some of us hate Hobbit fics as much as the next person hates MPRGs. Part of being in this 'community' is respecting the rights of everyone else to write what *they* are inspired by.

Also, canon is always a big deal for some people. There are canon-Nazis and canon-breakers. There are those who claim to be a canon-Nazi and break canon out of ignorance. Some write in book verse and others in movie verse. If someone has broken canon so much so that it offends you, stop reading that entry. If anything bothers you, it’s better left unread. If you see it posted after the contest and want to talk to the author about it, please do so nicely and constructively so that person will not feel like being part of this contest opened them up to be flamed.

We have a strict no flame policy. People will not write better if you tell them their writing sucks. It’s not constructive and it will not be tolerated.

No one will ever be asked to write or read something that they find offensive. If you don't read slash, don't read and don't vote for it. That is totally fine. If you don't like smut at all, stick to the general category. If you like a little slash with your het but still like some warm fuzzies thrown in - read and vote for all three. I know there will be some writers who only vote and write in one or two category and that is completely fine. Voting is anonymous so there isn't a concern that people will be upset that you didn't vote in a category.

Hopefully everyone can get along and meet new people from the other genres of this fandom. We all have two things in common no matter what we write - we love to write and we love Tolkien's world. This sandbox is big enough for everyone as long as no one throws any sand.

Contest Wrangler

Themes so far

Sept 2008 Don't Tell Me, I Don't Want to Know
Oct 2008 Death and/or Dead Things
Nov 2008 A Little Night Music
Dec 2008 Holiday Moments
Jan/Feb 2009 New Beginnings
Mar 2009 Sweet Treats
April/May 2009 Last Words
June 2009 Love
July 2009 Of the Sun and Moon
Aug 2009 But You're a Girl! The Tolkien Feminine Twist
Sept 2009 What if So-and-So Lived/Died
Oct 2009 Wicked Things
Nov/Dec 2009 Memories
Jan 2010 Forbidden Love
Mar 2010 Feeling Lucky?
April 2010 I'd Do Anything for Love But I Won't Do That

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